BOREAS Operations 1994: Boreal Ecosystem - Atmosphere Study





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Sellers, P., F. Hall and Karl Huemmrich. "BOREAS Operations 1994: Boreal Ecosystem - Atmosphere Study." National Aeronautics and Space Administration: 1996.


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The design of the BOREAS-94 field experiment is described in the BOREAS Experiment plan (EXPLAN-94); preliminary results and a summary of field operations and weather conditions may be found in Sellers et al. (1995). This document describes what was actually achieved in BOREAS-94. The reports from individual investigators, minutes from evening planning meetings, aircraft logs, etc., have all been analyzed to produce a condensed history of the measurements taken in the field and the experimental conditions experienced during the field year. This document is primarily intended to serve as a desktop guide for scientists and staff in the project, which will allow quick scanning across investigations prior to delving into the detailed data sets held in BORIS.