Coupling of a Notched Ring Microresonator to a Straight Input Waveguide





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Courtright, Logan, Thomas F. Carruthers, Curtis R. Menyuk, Tanvir Mahmood, Sang-Yeon Cho, James P. Cahill, and Weimin Zhou. “Coupling of a Notched Ring Microresonator to a Straight Input Waveguide.” In Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science 2023 (FiO, LS) (2023), Paper FM1C.6, FM1C.6. Optica Publishing Group, 2023.


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We describe a notched AlGaAs ring microresonator design that minimizes the overlap between the TE and TM modes. We use coupled mode theory to study the coupling between the microresonator and a straight input waveguide.