Interactivity as self-expression: a field experiment with customization and blogging




Towson University. Department of Mass Communication


Citation of Original Publication

Sundar, S. S., Oh, J., Bellur, S., Jia, H., & Kim, H-S (2012, May 2-10). Interactivity as self-expression: A field experiment with customization and blogging. Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Austin, Texas, 2012, 395-404.



A paradigmatic quality of interactive interfaces is that they allow users to express themselves, thereby converting message receivers into communication sources. We define this quality as Source Interactivity [26, 29], and test its effects on user experience with a field experiment (N=141) of a portal site featuring cosmetic customization, functional customization and blogging (active versus filter). In demonstrating the psychological influence of source-based interactivity on such outcomes as user engagement, sense of agency, sense of community, intrinsic motivation and attitudes toward the interface, we discuss how designers can use them for creating interactive tools for self-expression.