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8-9. Ingrid Bachman, The Portable Sublime, 2003; 10. Ingrid Bachman, Symphony for 54 Shoes, 2006; 11-18. Ingrid Bachman, The Portable Sublime, 2003; 19-23. Nina Katchadourian, Talking Popcorn, 2001; 24. Nina Katchadourian, Talking Popcorn Journal, 2001-12; 25-32 Jocelyn Robert and Émile Morin, Leçon de piano, 2003-07, 33-38. Paul DeMarinis, One Bird, 2007. Also includes links to videos of One Bird, Le Lecon Piano, Symphony for 54 Shoes and The Portable Sublim, and Talking Popcorn ( Videos produced by Lisa Moren, Post-Production Assitance by Katherine Morris, Interviews by Francesca Cerquetti; Post-Production Audio by Tim Nohe; Production Support by Christian Valiente)