The History of Algerian Immigrants’ Search for Identity in France. An Analysis through French Film: Historical and Political Context between France and Algeria.


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How did France’s legacy of colonization impact Algeria? How significant was the FLN’s role in the Algerian War of Independence and the conceptualization of historical problems (immigration and integration) that follows in its memorialization? This paper presents an overarching framework for understanding the complex historical context between France and Algeria and provides an answer to these questions. The first half of the introduction focuses on the complex history between France and Algeria. It further examines Algeria’s response to colonization (1830) and decolonization (1962) as facilitated by the FLN. The second part of the paper highlights the traumatic post-colonial consequences through a cinematic lens, by analyzing the intersectionality of immigration, integration, repression, and racism. The final section of the paper critically examines the current political and economic debate around immigrants in France and specifically analyzed President Macron’s new immigration policy in response to the influx of migrants.