Mechanoregulation of T-cell Function through Yap

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Nan Cheng, , Eleni Stampouloglou, Gregory L. Szeto and Xaralabos Varelas, Mechanoregulation of T-cell Function through Yap,


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Although tumor immunotherapy has been developed for various cancers, sustaining T-cell activation and recruitment in immunosuppressive solid tumors remains a major hurdle. T-cell function is modulated by mechanical cues, such as extracellular matrix (ECM) stiffness, but the molecular details by which such signals direct T-cell function are poorly understood. In this study, we investigate the role of Yap, a key mechanotransduction effector, in T-cell function in response to matrix stiffness. We aim to gain a better understanding of mechanoregulation on T-cell function through Yap, which will offer insights for the development of immunotherapies with improved T-cell response.