Angle-Tuned Coil: A Focality-Adjustable Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator





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Meng, Q., Bagherzadeh, H., Hong, E., Yang, Y., Lu, H., Choa, FS. (2023). Angle-Tuned Coil: A Focality-Adjustable Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator. In: Makarov, S., Noetscher, G., Nummenmaa, A. (eds) Brain and Human Body Modelling 2021. Springer, Cham.


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Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment-resistant major depression [1] and ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder [2]. Its therapeutic effects in other psychiatric and neurological disorders, including drug addiction, are emerging [3, 4]. From both clinical and basic neuroscience perspectives, there has been a strong demand for stimulation tools that can reach deep brain regions with small size targeted stimulations. For example, decades of neuroimaging studies have identifed malfunction of dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, insular and amygdala in a range of psychiatric disorders. These structures are 4 cm or more below the scalp. Unfortunately, with current technologies, the stimulation targets are limited to superfcial brain regions, or otherwise wide brain areas are stimulated when a deep brain structure is targeted.