Ferrites Embedded Nanocomposites for High-Q inductors





Citation of Original Publication

Singh, N.B., Knight, T., Choa, F.S., Arnold, B., Loiacono, J., & Betley, J.,(2022). Ferrites Embedded Nanocomposites for High-Q inductors. Cur Res Mater Chem 4(1): 114. doi: https://doi.org/10.33790/crmc1100114.


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Polymer matrix based nano ferrite composites were prepared to achieve high inductance and hence to increase the performance of RF devices on chip inductors. A commercially suitable and scalable spin spray method was used to demonstrate the feasibility of deposition on silicon wafer. A detailed studies was performed with three alloys of Fe70Al5Cu5Si20Oδ, Co70Fe9Cu6Si15Oδ, and Co70Al5Fe20Si5Oδ compositions. These composites of ferrite magnetic nanomaterials were fabricated into the ring structures and properties such as permeability and resistivity were measured to correlated with morphology and concentration of the alloy in the matrix. Fabricated single coil coplanar inductors were characterized for the electrical and magnetic properties for the 100 to 100,000 KHz frequency range. The measurement showed performances improvement in the frequency range up to 1000KHz. The Co/Fe nanocomposite sample showed high permeability and a flat response as function of voltage and frequency making it a very good embedded inductor material. These composites provided inductance in the range up to 10 µH a suitable value for practical applications.