Complete Genome Sequences of Six BI Cluster Streptomyces Bacteriophages, HotFries, Moozy, Rainydai, RavenPuff, Scap1, and SenditCS

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Blocker D, Koert M, Mattson C, Patel H, Patel P, Patel R, Paudel H, 2017 UMBC Phage Hunters, Erill I, Caruso SM. 2018. Complete genome sequences of six BI cluster Streptomyces bacteriophages, HotFries, Moozy, Rainydai, RavenPuff, Scap1, and SenditCS. Microbiol Resour Announc 7:e00993-18.


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Six double-stranded DNA Streptomyces bacteriophages, HotFries, Moozy, RavenPuff, Scap1, Rainydai, and SenditCS, were isolated using the phytopathogen Streptomyces scabiei as a host. These phages have been identified as Siphoviridae and members of cluster BI by genomic analysis.