The Holistic Prioritized SATCOM Throughput Requirements (HPSTR) Stochastic Model

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The U.S. Army's command and control modernization efforts rely upon an expeditionary, mobile, hardened, and resilient network. Dispersed network access and data availability are central to increasing the operational speed required for effective command and control. The Army must define its satellite communication (SATCOM) requirements to support network modernization. This paper proposes the Holistic Prioritized SATCOM Throughput Requirements (HPSTR) simulation that prioritizes and adjudicates SATCOM throughput requirements for operational military units. Additionally, the simulation evaluates the impact of a contested, degraded, and operationally limited (CDO) communication environment on force effectiveness. HPSTR addresses knowledge gaps concerning U.S. Army SATCOM activities in a large-scale combat operation (LSCO) to inform modernization decisions.