Deep Learning Based Image Classification of Lungs Radiography for Detecting COVID-19 using a Deep CNN and ResNet 50





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Shivadekar, Samit, Bhavesh Kataria, Sheela Hundekari, Kirti Wanjale, Vijaya P. Balpande, and Renuka Suryawanshi. 2023. “Deep Learning Based Image Classification of Lungs Radiography for Detecting COVID-19 Using a Deep CNN and ResNet 50”. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering 11 (1s):241-50.


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The lungs radiography (chest x-ray) is a screening tool for COVID-19 that is widely used; however, its interpretation can be difficult due to the presence of subtle changes in the lungs caused by the virus, which can be seen in the images. This is the case even though the lungs radiography is widely used. In this article, we present a CNN model that can be utilized for the classification of data derived from lungs radiography. The proposed model was tested and refined using a series of lungs radiography taken from patients diagnosed with COVID-19. When it came to the classification of the data, the findings of the research showed that the CNN model performed significantly better than the conventional approaches did. The accurateness of the anticipated model was found to be 96.2% while its sensitivity was found to be 96.8%. It was demonstrated that it had the potential to be utilized for the purpose of classifying the data associated with the presence of COVID-19. In addition, radiologists can use it to help them interpret the lungs radiography that have been taken.