The Development of a Measure for End‐User Computing Support

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Mirani, R. and King, W. R. (1994), The Development of a Measure for End-User Computing Support. Decision Sciences, 25: 481–498.



Various studies have argued and concluded that the most effective method of promoting end-user computing (EUC) in an organization consists of providing extensive end-user support. This paper describes the development of an instrument to measure EUC support A search of the EUC literature was conducted to identify items to include in the instrument. The instrument was validated by administering it in the form of a questionnaire to end-users in more man a hundred information centers across the United States. A factor analysis conducted on the data obtained from this survey yielded 12 factors of EUC support. Three factors were subsequently dropped from the instrument. The remaining factors were successfully tested for internal consistency. The instrument was tested for, and found to possess, convergent and discriminant validity. The instrument exhibited nomological validity. The resulting instrument, consisting of 42 items and 9 factors, is presented as a reliable, valid, and useful device for assessing the level of EUC support.