UMBC Social Science Alumni in Government, Business, and Non-Profit Careers





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Anson, Ian and Felipe Filomeno, hosts. Interview with Delta Merner, et al. “UMBC Social Science Alumni in Government, Business, and Non-Profit Careers.” Retrieving the Social Sciences (podcast). November 13, 2023.


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On this episode we hear a rebroadcast of a special 5th anniversary event hosted by the UMBC Center for Social Science (CS3). The roundtable, which took place in October of 2023, brought together three fabulous UMBC alumni from across the social sciences: Dr. Delta Merner, (GES ’14), Lead Scientist, Science Hub for Climate Litigation at the Union of Concerned Scientists; Dr. Brent Gibbons, (PUBL ’13), Health Policy Researcher in the Health Economics Program at RTI International; and Dr. Brittany Gay, (PSYC ’21), Associate Director of Implementation Science at the Research-to-Policy Collaboration (RPC). The roundtable was moderated by CS3’s Associate Director, Dr. Felipe Filomeno. Click here for a full recording of the event.