On intrusion detection and response for mobile ad hoc networks

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J. Parker , J. Undercoffer , J. Pinkston , A. Joshi , On Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, 23rd IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference -- Workshop on Information Assurance , DOI: 10.1109/PCCC.2004.1395172


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We present network intrusion detection mechanisms that rely upon packet snooping to detect aberrant behavior in mobile ad hoc networks. Our extensions, which are applicable to several mobile ad hoc routing protocols, offer two response mechanisms, passive -- to singularly determine if a node is intrusive and act to protect itself from attacks, or active -- to collaboratively determine if a node is intrusive and act to protect all of the nodes of an ad-hoc cluster. We have implemented our extensions using the GloMoSim simulator and detail their efficacy under a variety of operational conditions. Based upon our positive simulation results, we are currently implementing our extensions in laptop computers and PDA's and constructing a testbed that use IEEE 802.11 with mobile ad hoc extensions.