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dc.contributor.advisorJose, Anita Ph.D.
dc.contributor.advisorEager, Paige Ph.D.
dc.contributor.advisorJoshi, Janak Ph.D.
dc.contributor.authorKamara, Mamady
dc.contributor.departmentHood College Education Departmenten_US
dc.contributor.programDoctoral Program in Organizational Leadershipen_US
dc.description.abstractThis study was designed to measure the perceptions and opinions of women’s progress and economic empowerment in Guinea. Conducted to answer three questions – the perceptions of women regarding barriers to women’s empowerment in Guinea, the perceptions of women about economic progress, since the implementation of UNSCR 1325 through NAP in Guinea, and the policy priorities on women’s economic empowerment in Guinea as recommended by the UN, OXFAM, NAP, and PNDES – this study addressed the lack of empirical research on measures to increase women’s participation in economic empowerment. It used a descriptive research design, which was quantitative in nature; it used a cross-sectional study of women in Guinea using a survey (Salkinde, 2000). Results indicated that out of the 102 women respondents who contributed to the survey, many worked for corporations and non-governmental organizations, others were entrepreneurs and government officials. Considering the challenges that women in Guinea face in terms of economic empowerment, the findings further suggested that the Guinean government, in collaboration with NGOs, civic society groups, and international institutions, should take measures to promote policies that will completely lift barriers to women’s economic empowerment. They can do this by focusing on issues related to the lack of economic and legal infrastructure, lack of quality work and associated services, and the lack of social protection and education opportunities.en_US
dc.relation.isAvailableAtHood College
dc.subjectWomen Empowermenten_US
dc.subjectPerceptions of Women’s Economic Progress and Empowerment in Guineaen_US
dc.titlePerceptions of Women’s Economic Progress and Empowerment in Guineaen_US

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