The Office of the Provost advances the intellectual life of our scholarly community through the support and advancement of our academic programs and the scholarship of our faculty and students. The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is the individual responsible for maintaining the academic integrity of our community by providing broad oversight of all programs of instruction and research to ensure their quality and advancement.

Recent Submissions

  • Awareness, Analysis, and Action: Curricular Alignment for Student Success in General Chemistry 

    Jewett, Sarah; Sutphin, Kathy; Gierasch, Tiffany; Hamilton, Pauline; Lilly, Kathleen; Miller, Kristine; Newlin, Donald; Pires, Richard; Sherer, Maureen; LaCourse, William R. (ACS Publications, 2018)
    This article examines the ways that a shared faculty experience across five partner institutions led to a deep awareness of the curriculum and pedagogy of general chemistry coursework, and ultimately, to a collaborative ...